Week 7: 139.9 lbs, 1 lbs gain from last week.
Week 6: 138.9 lbs, 1.2 lbs less from week 5.

I don't want to sound like a downer, but I really have been feeling low.  Low energy, low motivation, low self-esteem.  I'm reaching graduation and I'm dawning on the fact that I might not even find a unpaid internship within my field.  I'm disappointed in myself for putting trust in my academic advisors, who have let me down time and time again with false hopes of amazing career opportunities.  To drown out my doubts and seemingly hopeless future, I ate a whole box of choxie chocolate truffles (9 total), took a nap, and nearly cried.

Weight loss can feel so inevitable when life is so low.

BTW, i will be going on a mini field trip for school: an Ecotourism Whale Watching tour in Baja.  During a presentation, the trip advisor, who knows about my depression, looked straight at me and said "some have called this trip a spiritual experience."  We'll see...I promise to write about the trip, the food, and how I manage to stay on-top of my weight-loss while travelling.
Still Week 5.
I don't know what I got myself into, but I have decided to take on new projects in school, on top of work, daily chores, and managing my chronic depression.

I am not binge eating, but man do I feel like caving in, or craving in..as I'd like to call it.  CRAVING IN = STRESS GONE...oh no!  I'm so SICK of THINKING THIS WAY.  That would RUIN this whole good streak of healthy diet and exercise.  I'M SCARED... BECAUSE THERE IS PIE IN MY FRIDGE!!! FREAKIN' PIE PEOPLE!!!

Week 5: 140.1 lbs, lost 1.7 from last week.

Watch it all or watch a little...
OK, I'd shit my pants if I were that lady.  WHY WHY WHY...do we still insist that if there is no pain there is no gain.  Somehow, I'm convincing myself that I can do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  Am I really this desperate to lose weight?  Yes, I'M READY TO CHANGE!

On a side note, I started this workout last week at 141.8 and am 140.1 now...let's see just how much will actually be SHREDDED!