Week 5: 140.1 lbs, lost 1.7 from last week.

Watch it all or watch a little...
OK, I'd shit my pants if I were that lady.  WHY WHY WHY...do we still insist that if there is no pain there is no gain.  Somehow, I'm convincing myself that I can do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  Am I really this desperate to lose weight?  Yes, I'M READY TO CHANGE!

On a side note, I started this workout last week at 141.8 and am 140.1 now...let's see just how much will actually be SHREDDED!
02/02/2010 14:29

I didn't see that episode of Ellen - what pisses me off about Jillian is her new 14 day pills in a box that will "jumpstart" any sensible weight plan.

Really? You couldn't have just stuck with move more/eat less?

Um, you are at my goal weight! :D

Kare Bear <3
02/02/2010 16:41

I just noticed that my mom is in your profile pic thing...hehe. how was your b-day?!

02/03/2010 11:25

Hey BIZ! I totally believe in the move more/eat less, which is why i am a big fan of ww. Thanks for the post and I love your blog!

Lol, that is your mom! My birthday was good, I went to the spaghetti factory! Oi, so much food!


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