...you proudly say it's muscle, or you do what most women do...BLAME IT ON THE FAT!  =(

Week #3: 136.5 Lbs., gained 2.5 Lbs  from week prior, gained 0.3% Body Fat.

I believe that a pound of my weight gain is FAT.  Should I give up and hate myself?  Here's my story:

I worked out EVERYDAY and HARD, but I did not eat 100% clean.  My eating pattern was thrown off by my emotions again.  Control slipped away when I decided to quit my job and give them my two-weeks notice..so I didn't eat, or I ate too much.  I tried my hardest to eat healthy food, but then fried chicken won the emotional battle. I ate 15 wings at a birthday party, plus chocolate layer cake, plus cheese cake.

Emotional eating is a habit I can't get rid of.  When I gain weight, I automatically blame the food and myself.  I suddenly forget about all the hours in the gym and all the hard work.  So, I took a minute, a little breather, to remind myself that I did gain weight.  Was it healthy weight???

In the end, I did the math and...

MUSCLE WON because I gained 1.5 Lbs of muscle to my 1 pound of fat.
When muscle-mass is growing, there is no shame in packing pounds, ever!  =)

p.s.  I tried a group yoga class, which I haven't done for years and I love it!  Someone that has a 24 hour fitness membership should join me!

02/01/2011 12:08

Yep, I am with you on the emotional eating - ever since my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, I've been eating little extra things that I know will start adding up if I don't stop - I wish I wasn't an emotional eater!

That yoga class sounds like fun!


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