CiCi's Pizza Tonight...

How bittersweet you are!  As a college student, pizza is my weakness and pizza buffet is my biggest weakness.

THE PLAN is that I make a PLAN.  Without it, I'd have freshman 15s everytime I went out for dinner.  Speaking of 15s, I've saved 15 points for this big dinner!  Yum!

I've got 15 points saved up for this battle
  15 pts
-  2 pts  will go towards the ranch in my salad
-  3 pts  for my favorite Mac & Cheese Slice
-  3 pts  towards an Alfredo with Tomato
-  3 pts  Spinach Alfredo or Cheese Slice
-  3 pts  for one Cinnamon Roll
    1 pt   left over....for tums to cure my heartburn after my pizza-coma?  ; )

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