Week 3: 141.2, lost 1.3 lbs from last week

I love the beginning of a new week.  It is a fresh start and I have all those extra allowance points to look forward.  It's empowering being in control of your body.  I inspired my co-worker and she is now trying weight watchers.   She may get more obsessed with journaling and point values than I am...oh wait...she already is!

Today's quote in my weight watcher's journal:
 "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

What would I be?
- I would be happier, but I have to journal; it will keep me sane.
- I would be able to fit those skinny jeans, but I have to maintain the little changes I have made and not seek food for comfort.
- I would be the girlfriend whose snoring doesn't wake up her boyfriend, but I need to make my body stronger, specifically my lungs, by moving more and smoking less.

hm...it does sound do able?
- I love to journal, that's not a problem!  I CAN DO IT!
- I'm on my period this week and my cravings are up, but I can say no to the really bad stuff; I am positive of that.  I CAN DO IT!
- I start school this week. I normally smoke most at school, but luckily it's going to rain.  That cuts out smoking!  On the downside, I have to find time and space in my house to workout.  Maybe I'll finally get around to cleaning my room.  Yay to extreme cleaning!  How many points is vaccuming?  I CAN DO IT!

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