I am indeed back for more blogging after having a 6 to 7 month break.
I didn't exactly make my goal of 130 lbs by graduation...I was more at 150 lbs.  OOPS, didn't mean to gain it back and then some. =)

There's me receiving an award from the Hospitality and Tourism Program Director, Carl Winston.  I knew I was going to be on stage, so I purposefully had my hair cover the chubbiness of my cheeks.  How sad that self image can make a confident person feel well..less confident.

However after graduation, I had the opportunity to live completely on my own in Portland, OR.  In my own bubble, I was able to fully control my eating, exercising, and living.  Portland is a very active city and I felt inspired everyday to workout.  I started the Body-for-Life program and finished my first challenge.  

I went from 150 lbs to 135 lbs in 12 weeks.  
Here are some before and after photos:

Front Before
Front After 12 Weeks
Back Before
Back After 12 Weeks
The amazing transformation is that I can see a huge difference in my chin and cheeks.  In past attempts to lose weight, I have never seen progress in my face as well as this challenge.  People also notice my hard work, which is another plus factor...still...

I wouldn't have been able to do it without reading other diet/weight loss blogs!  So thank you to all the people that continue to document their progress!

I owe it to myself as well as to those that inspire me to keep up with this blog.
So I changed my goal for this blog to now reach 130 lbs by my 25th birthday.

What I have learnt and will continue to learn is that there is no one magic solution to weight loss, especially those who struggle with it.  We have to adapt to what works for us and everyone is different.  However no matter what program or how much weight we want to lose, what every person needs is support!

So please, support me on my journey and I will support you in yours!


11/08/2010 22:18

I'm so proud of you Kathy!! You kept going during a hard time in your life and I know you can keep working on your goal.

<3 your bff.


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