I went to jury duty today...painful!  I almost got selected and the stress of it caused a craving worse than food...cigarettes!  I broke down and bought a pack of smokes from the 7-11 across the street.  This is a BIG deal.  I have not had a non-social smoke since new years.  I didn't call it a resolution, but I was hoping to make it farther than one month.

Food wise: not hungry, not happy, just feeling blah...we'll see how I feel after dinner.

01/14/2010 19:56

Just got back from dinner, at yet another buffet. This time Asian/Filipino. The food, which is normally good, was really bad. I threw up right when I got home. Not fun. I just ate a tums. Now feeling normal again.

01/14/2010 22:49

I got called for jury duty too. My very first one. Not sure how it's going to turn out. Asian buffets are the worse. Keep away from honey walnut shrimp. gah! so good though. mmm, MSG.

01/18/2010 11:15

hey racquel,
jury duty was tough, but i was able to get out of it. people think asian food is so healthy, but they forget we have a sauce for everything! lol


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