A big part of me, still wants to feel connected to my computer.  I feel that social networking isn't my thing, but maybe blogging is.  Blogging is focused and has an actually purpose.

Here, I hope will be or is my attempt to work on myself.  I'm not here to publish myself to the world.  I simply feel the need to have something that I could show and share whenever I wanted, something I could be passionate about.

What I want to put into my blog:
- Include More Recipes with Points
- Write Journals/Blogs at least weekly
- Show my progress/regress with weight-loss and healthy diets

I feel most passionate about making a change.  I want to chart my progress to prove to myself and others that weight-loss and healthy dieting is hard but worth pushing through.  I lost a lot of weight, but during a stressful school semester I easily gained it all back.  15 lbs to be exact. 

I want to prove to myself that I can easily conquer my weight battle.  I can control my weight, not the other way around.  There's a great sense of confidence I feel from failing so bad.  Failing depresses me to the point that I break into action mode.  Like a spring wound too tight and suddenly let go, I just propel forth.  At this moment I feel strongly compelled to get back on track with my old goals and make it to 120lbs.  I am an underdog...a successful underdog. 


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