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Weight: 138, gained 3 lbs since last post, ugh!

I need to refocus.  I've lost my energy and determination to lose weight, organize my room, and find a job.

When I was on my own I had control.  When I'm at home, living with family, that control starts to slip away.  Suddenly I can't resist pie...suddenly I feel more comfortable not going to the gym...suddenly more stuff appears in my room.

There are times when I feel like my dieting is annoying to those in my family.  Especially with my mother, who loves to cook.  There are also times when I get annoyed with my mother, who tells me the best way to diet when she can't practice what she preaches.

What I'm discovering, is that being at home is challenging and that what I did in Portland to balance my life is not going to help me at home.  I need to adapt and change my behavior.  My family will not change their ways, so I need to change mine.

My main resolution is finding my key to consistency.  What helps me stay on track and what doesn't.  I'm not sure how this is going to work, but I figure I need to set goals again and start journaling everyday.

Portland habits, I do feel should stick:
-I did journal my exercising and eating, while ignoring the scale.
-I bought my own food and made my own meals.
-I had a set schedule.

If I bring back these basics, I'm bound to see more positive.
01/04/2011 18:04

hey kathy! great job for blogging!! i know what you mean about how difficult it is to develop good habits of organization and healthy lifestyles with living at home. my parents' house is stock full of unhealthy snacks and sweets, plus cluttered mess since my mom is a hoarder!! :( i'm glad you're trying your best to stay focused on your goals! good luck! i know you can do it!! :)


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