Week 1: 143.8 lbs

I've been feeling very sick these past few days.  It's frustrating when you're wanting to exercise but can't breath out your nose.  I've been taking it easy and have tried to count laundry, cleaning a shelf as some type of low-impact cardio.  Hey, it's better than nothing!

I sought advice from my boss today.  She's extremely fit and is always stoked on healthy food.  It just amazes me that it comes so naturally for her.  Here I am obssessing over calories, weight watcher points, and carbs.  Yet my biggest obssession is CRAVINGS!

I'm always craving the junkie type of foods.  So I asked my boss for craving help.  Her big tip was to substitute the food with something that has the same flavor and same texture, maybe even same color.  It's easier to eat better when you find healthy foods you like...oh man is that easier said than done.

My mission in the next hour is to google substitutes for my favorite snacks:
-Flaming Hot Cheetos
-Cheeto Puffs
-Fried Mozzarella Sticks

01/10/2010 16:53

Yay, so I found some reasonable substitutes for my junk cravings:
-Flaming hot cheetos turns into 94% fat-free popcorn dashed with some spicy Tapatio Hot Sauce.
-Cheeto Cheesy Puffs turns into reduced fat cheese-its.
-Fried Mozzarella Sticks turns into triscuits with melted reduced-fat mozzarella cheese on top.

YUM, bad cheese cravings abolished.


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