Creating this site was about finding a way to funnel my addiction for being online to actually help me and not hinder me.  I've had myspaces, facebooks, and all that other stuff before now.  Most of the time I deleted them because I never felt good after reading a bunch of messages from people that hardly knew or helped me be the person I truly aspired to be.  I also never felt good after 3 years of weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle.   

I changed my way of life starting with deleting all my accounts.  I decided that my real friends would be the ones to show true concern and contact me the minute my face was no longer in their top friends.  I discovered right way that I really only have 3 true friends: KV, CH, and JZ.  Then I joined WeightWatchers and got a gym membership.  Both are helping me beat stress and bad junk food habits.  Now it's 6 months later, everything feels better now that I know who I can trust and what works for me.  It's good to feel incharge.
Now, I want to help others by showing them that anything is possible if you're determined to keep at it!


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