Week 4: 141.8 lbs, gained 0.6 from last week

I know that there is no miracle to weight-loss.  Diet and exercise cannot always be the key to every success.  It is quite discouraging when you work really hard, eat pretty good, only to feel ugly seeing the number on the scale.  If I had a gun right now, I'd shoot that darn thing.

I know I only gained over half a pound, but I'm honestly tired of being in my 140s.  I've actually snapped a plastic hanger into little pieces just searching for all my stretchy pants and big shirts.  I've turned into the Hulk, angry and in need of pants that are tienes mas stretchy! 

I couldn't find the Hulk, but this stretchy pants moment is just as good:
01/28/2010 11:29

Love the Nacho Libre video, too funny!! We all have our "stretchy pants" days! :)


03/11/2011 23:29

If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry.


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