Due to gaining weight over the past 5 week, I have officially decided that I would not weight myself tomorrow.  So there will be no 12 week weight results.

My efforts to lose weight have been slightly tarnished, as my trainer recommended that I watch his favorite show, "Being Erica."

Which I did.  It is now #5 on excuses list as to why I didn't do my "homework" of 100 situps and 50 squats.  

#5) He told me to watch TV
#4) Quest - http://facebook.com/questsd is the student org that takes up all my time
#3) Did I tell you I'm trying to quit smoking, one thing at a time!
#2) I'm really behind in real homework
#1) I don't ever have a day to myself, thus I'd rather rest than workout...Sunday to Sunday feel like 12 hour days.  

this is how excited i wish i felt about working out, for realz!

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