138 LBS

...That means I have 4 weeks to try and make my goal of 130 Lbs by my 25th birthday.

Losing 2 lbs a week is quite a feat for my body.  I have never been able to progress that fast and consistent, even on the Body-For-Life Program.  Maybe it is because I don't always follow the 80/20 rule.  It's more of 60/40 rule.  Let's be honest, I manage to eat clean 4 out of 7 days...maybe 3 out of 7 now?

My mission is to FIGHT this time around!

From now until my birthday, Jan. 31, 2011.  I'm going to push myself.


Body-For-Life Exercise, Modified with 20 min High Intensity Cardio EVERYDAY, except on Sunday.

Body-For-Life Eating Program, Modified with NO FREE DAYS--ONLY 1 or 2 free meals a week.

I don't beat myself up if I mess up just a little.  I bounce back stronger and hit my goals harder.  I feel success this time around.
01/04/2011 18:12

hey kathy! have you been doing any yoga or just cardio and other stuff? i was doing Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga with Bob (a dvd) - a 6 week program of power yoga mixed with pilates and I saw definite results from it...ha, lost my summer hawaiian weight gain. lol.

01/08/2011 14:40

Hi Kathy! I saw the link on your fb status and browsed through a bit. I have been trying to shed lbs for years now, but have been having a hard time staying consistent, especially now that I'm in grad school. It's tough! I wish you a lot of luck. I saw the 30 Day Shred post.. I'm a big Jillian fan and have done 30 Day Shred super consistently (levels 1-3 6 days/wk) + diet until I injured my foot a couple years ago. It is pretty effective, but gets repetitive and boring. I have other DVDs from her too that are nice to change things up. What is Body for Life?


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